Savannas Forever Tanzania (SFTZ) is a non-profit Tanzanian research and development organization that provides on-the-ground expertise in East Africa for:

We partner with leading international and national experts and work together to develop a research design that meets the client’s objectives. Past projects include randomized control trials (RCT) for Arusha Lutheran Medical Center (ALMC) and cross-sectional longitudinal studies for the World Food Program and USAID.

Our expertise in high-quality data collection ensures that the data used in the analyses is reliable. We select, train and monitor local enumerators to meet the very highest standards.

Our teams have been helping to connect rural communities and their stakeholders in public, private and charitable organizations at the local, national and international levels since 2006.

The Way of the SFTZ Field Team Leader: Warriors for High-Quality Data

Learn more about what it takes to collect high quality data in the field.

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Case Study: Large-Scale Baseline Study for The Gatsby Foundation on Cotton Farming

Read about a recently completed project surveying 130 cotton-farming villages

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