Baseline and Endline Surveys

Baseline and Endline Surveys: SFTZ understands logistical demands of conducting large-scale data collection in both a rural and urban context in Tanzania. Highly experienced team leaders know and follow all the customs and government requirements to meet with local government leaders at district and village-levels to gain the required permissions, introduce research projects to local stakeholders and organize the appropriate community members to participate in participative rural assessments, key informant interviews and focus groups.

SFTZ specializes in implementing a multidisciplinary mixed method surveys that include:

Household Level:

  • Socioeconomics and household livelihoods
  • Agricultural production and practices;
  • Anthropometric measures (under 5 heights, weights and arm circumference) (many photos)
  • Nutrition and dietary recall
  • Food security (graphs of village comparisons?)
  • Knowledge attitude and practices including: HIV/AIDS, wildlife and conservation, and education and child labor
  • Time/labor schedules: Disaggregated by gender and age
  • GIS mapping including agricultural plot mapping


Village and District Level:

Participative Rural Assessments (PRA): Wealth Ranking and Institutional Assessments. (Photos of this too)

  • Village Leader Interviews and Focus Groups: Natural resource mapping; village resource identification; education and child labor
  • Farmers and agricultural extension officer: Agricultural methods and practices
  • Village needs assessment: Gender differences
  • Value-chain labor analysis: Cotton, mining, fishing and other agricultural crops
  • Focus groups and key informant interviews